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Early Spring Landscaping Checklist

They don't call it spring cleaning for nothing. This is the perfect time of year for Georgians

to start prepping their spring landscaping. Before the summer heat becomes unbearable,

check out this to-do list for hardscaping and landscaping.

Out with the Mold

Break out the rakes! It’s time to clear out the dead foliage that has been sitting in your

flower beds all winter. Leaves, ornamental grasses, and last year's annuals crushed under

winter snows and rains make your landscaping prime real estate for mold and rot. Failure to

removed dead foliage could cause mold to spread to other plant life in your beds and ruin

wooden structures like edging.

In with the Bloom

Pruning is an important part of your spring checklist, because it encourages new growth of

your favorite trees and shrubs. Once the threat of hard frost has passed, prune back dead,

broken, or twisted branches with shears. Clean cuts are easier to heal and will soon produce

new branches. Roses, Hydrangea, and Annabelle respond well to pruning during this time of

year as they are coming out of winter dormancy. Check with your plants’ specifications to

determine just how much to cut back.

Feed Me

Get ahead of the game by putting down grass seeds and fertilizer. A fertilizer that doubles

as a weed killer will ensure your seedlings won't be choked out by unwanted growth. It also

means less weed pulling for you. Your back will thank you. Don't forget to treat fledgling

trees and shrubs with plant food to aid their winter recovery.

Hardscaping Made Easy

All this preparation wipes the slate clean and makes it easier to plan this spring

hardscaping projects. Before hurricane season hits, now is the time to think about retaining

walls. They add extra protection from soil washout while at the same time adding appeal to

your yard with decorative stone or brick. Replace plain concrete driveways, walkways, and

patio slabs with pavers available in various colors and styles to match your existing

structures. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a new outdoor kitchen, perfect for

entertaining and backyard parties.

Custom hardscaping adds appeal and value to your home. For help with your

spring hardscaping projects, call the experts at GP Hardscape Pavers, Inc. for a quote.

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